12 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets : PS5, Switch, PC, Xbox Series X S, PS4, Xbox One


The audio won’t win sky-high awards, but it’s on a par with most mid-range headsets and manages some snappy treble. We were particularly impressed by the punchy treatment given to our weapons in Wolfenstein Youngblood, with rich tones and excellent feedback to every action. In addition, the mic is clear and detachable, and there’s a color-coded cable that plugs into any 3.5mm connection. Simple, easy, and very affordable, so perhaps a risk-free Xbox Series X headset.

  • The SteelSeries Arctis Prime wired gaming headset (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is our midrange Arctis pick right now.
  • If you’re using a USB headset, the process should be pretty much the same, even if you’re just connecting a dongle for a wireless headset.
  • In that case, you will have to use the second method listed below.
  • To connect a USB headset to your Xbox One, first make sure that the headset is compatible with the Xbox One.

And if you move your head a lot, sometimes they shipped out a place from their own weight. These are definitely a leisure headphones meant for the couch, or for sitting at your desk. And eventually they will be great travel headphones, but they’re not at all the kind of headphones you take running, or to the gym. In this area, you will also notice an automatic ear detection toggle.

This is a very comfortable headset with excellent sound and good microphone performance . It also has very good battery life , though you’ll need to turn off the LEDs on the ear cups to maximize battery life. Hopefully the next-generation version will move to USB-C charging (it uses Micro-USB). The Razer Nari Ultimate for Xbox is a beast of wireless headset, at least in terms of size. That said, it’s not heavy and its auto-adjusting headband makes this one of the most comfortable gaming headsets you can buy; just note that its ear cups really stick out from your head. The ear pads are equipped with cooling gel-infused cushions, and the Razer logo lights up.

Streamlabs OBS – How To Fix Audio Issues

My blogs Microphone Not Working In Ubuntu? | Driversol and videos are on technology as I have experience and knowledge. Now that you’ve done your online mic test, we’ve got a few more things for you. First, if it didn’t work, then have a look at the troubleshooting section below. If it did work, then check out how to improve your audio. And finally, once you’re all tested and top quality, take a look at our resources on doing better recordings and editing your audio in the best way possible.

We do have a few nitpicks about the specifications, though. There isn’t much storage as configured, although you can outfit this system with a pair of 2TB NVMe SSDs if you want. 1TB just feels a bit cramped once you start installing AAA games to it. Also, while there’s a nice amount of external connectivity, it’s a bit of a bummer that only one port on the entire machine supports a transfer rate greater than 5Gbps. AMD says the m17 R5 is the fastest all-AMD gaming laptop.

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To solve this issue, clean the dirt on your speaker, remove any other connected blue tooth device and be sure to reset your AirPods. A fast and easy way to rectify and solve this problem is reconnecting your AirPods to your mobile device. To do this, put your AirPods back in their case, close the lid and bring them out and put them in your ears. Try testing it to see if your AirPods microphone is working, and the problem is resolved. If the microphone is working properly, then made sounds will be displayed on the “Microphone activity” chart. Besides, these sounds can be output to your speakers or headphones.

That is why it was imperative for us to make this guide as inclusive and comprehensive as possible. The mute button on a keyboard is typically used to temporarily disable the sound coming out of the computer. The mute button on a keyboard is usually a physical button located near the top of the keyboard. When you press it, the computer will stop all sound coming from the speakers.

Tom’s Hardware Verdict

If you use a webcam to show your face then you need to add both your screen and webcam on display capture. Open your OBS studio and from the Sources box, click on the + icon and then choose Audio Input capture. So now we need to set up streaming on OBS, so first, we need to enter the Twitch stream key along with the Twitch Inspector test key. Adjust the ratio, threshold, and other settings as desired and then click the Close button. To understand how the Compressor filter works, you’ll need to understand the settings.